Love 'em A Whole Lot More
"Listen, when you love somebody, you're always in trouble. There's only two things you can do about it: either stop loving 'em,
or love 'em a whole lot more."


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Pretty sure it’s canon that Hawkeye taught BJ how to knit.

headcanon accepted

Then they got bored and taught Margaret who tried to prove that she was better at it, and knitted them ridiculous stuff that they didn’t really need to show them up. Which is how she eventually knitted that blanket that was supposed to be a mug-holder.


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Friends that crash goodbye
                     your soul will c h a n g e the future.
                                    And that’s where the beauty in death resides.



but wHY


but wHY

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What we’ve got here is a progression of sorts…from Fergus to Crowley.

I find these questions funny…as ‘true form’ top side?…Red smoke, no question. Down below? That’s different beast entirely since I already shared that I think a demon would appear different depending on who sees them. And while I ADORE consulting-cannibal’s and snewts’ true form designs…for me humanity can be the true monster, so I see no reason to stray TOO far from homosapien, especially since SPN’s demons are twisted human souls instead of fallen angels like some shows.

On a different note…can’t believe I hadn’t thought of using William Morgan Sheppard as my base for Fergus. Now I just feel silly.

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Back to your regularly scheduled…whatever this is.

Been feeling really under the weather lately, fear I’m fighting off a cold. Super tired, sore, and lethargic…fun times. Thinking about Hell is MUCH more enjoyable XD
I REALLY need to stop expanding prompts beyond what they are…I just really wanted to draw hellhound variations.

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I warned you all I would do it. And now you have a cavity inducing Bilbo/Bofur picture.


I warned you all I would do it. And now you have a cavity inducing Bilbo/Bofur picture.

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Bofur: C’mon…
I know Ye ain’t still mad about the whole troll thing!!!

Bilbo: just glares


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Happy birthday, Rupert Graves.
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